Monday, May 31, 2010

Science Fiction fans a great debate

Oh, my. A discussion about an author's anger towards fans and fandom spurs an awesome conversation about sports and science fiction fans, er, jocks and nerds. In honor of Memorial Day, eh?

...a letter written by famous sci-fi writer Robert Heinlein in 1945. A fan of his wrote him to request an article for a fan publication, and Heinlein responded by completely slamming sci-fi fans.

On PAGE 2 of the thread:

Originally Posted by Human
Somehow, I don't think WW2 would have ended if the nerd population had gone to war.
Meatrocket Jones: Well, they did go to war, they were the radio guys who always got shot first

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wormy update

On Earth Day,  2010, I went to St. Anne’s Day School All Stars class and we went out for a nature walk. The intent was to collect objects from nature to build letter sculptures from found materials.

I suggested that we take out a few trash bags to pick up litter too. Even though the grounds are very well kept, my lovely teachers were skeptical about being able to find anything.

We won't find very much trash...
We found more trash than we expected. Unpopped balloons, church bulletins, even a very nice metal reusable coffee mug that must have been accidentally knocked off of the ledge overlooking the bushes.

We brought it all inside and sorted out the items we wanted to keep for the art project, what was recycleable, compostable, and just landfill bound.

We had been talking about my worms and our composting habits, so my little one volunteered to bring home the items that were compostable. Just the great kind of stuff our worms would eat.

I shredded it all up and added my family’s kitchen scraps. Placed the new mixture in the worm bin.

"Yummy," the worms will say. Then we’ll add some more Georgia clay and dirt to the mix and put into the garden.

Star Wars quizzer

I did pretty good. Thanks, Dad for the link. But it's a Flash site, no iPads allowed.

CNN Challenge - Star Wars


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