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Swing This, Red2 and Red1
I started out as a sci-fi dad, home most of the time with the girls and a plan to nerd them up. It's working pretty well, their nearly as geeky as I am, but I have a long way to go. In these posts, they are Red1 and Red2 for simplicity.

In the recent past we've transitioned from public elementary school to a very loose unschooling homeschool lifestyle. I'm working a more traditional business schedule at an international broadcasting company, so my teaching hours are more limited.

We're soaking up research from topic-centric Google+

My experience here with my connected bloggers has been a really supportive one. I've somehow linked into a group of professional and semi-pro writers and authors. That led me to start a novel of my own that besides NaNoWrMo's has not gotten a lot attention from me. Perhaps that should change as my near-future science fiction semi-autobiographic natural disaster story seems to be coming true, the more we look at climate change, listen to TED talks, and explore.

The pages you'll find here will shed light on things that interest me, {it's all about me} and what I want to share with, and about, my kids. I'm glad you are here with us and hope some of it, at least, will be of interest to you.


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