Blog Fests

Blog Fests and Challenges are a great way to find new bloggers and participate in a large social blogging event.

Let's shake it all up again in 2013 with another A to Z challenge. This year you pick your theme if it's helpful.

[Reread my posts in these Group Blogging] events.

I have participated in these:

READ Favorite Games in the "It’s All Fun & Games Blogfest"

Search #atozchallenge on Twitter!
My challenge strategy is to explore and clean up my Labels.

We recently participated in the Top 10 TV shows blog fest.

Top 10 in TV shows...
Top Ten TV Shows Blogfest September 20
Dazzle the blogging world with your boob tube knowledge and fascination for cheap sitcoms, over-emoted dramas, and weakly programming.


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