Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nerd up those girls, it's okay.

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Wife says it's okay. It's more than okay, it's imperative. Nerd up the girls. I want them to know how to do web sites, save files in a folder where they'll know how to retrieve it later, navigate a Page Setup menu and yes, even know the difference between a wookie and a gungan. It's okay.

Despite the directive, the girls, ages 2 and 4, affectionately known as 1 of 2 and 2 of 2, are still very interested in typical girl things, like dress up, make up, and dolls. Their Star Wars toy collection, thank you Playskool, consists mostly of these little toddler safe Star Wars characters that are about 10 times cooler than most of the bigger action figures. The menga/cartoon styling of the faces is much better excicuted than the 3 inch figures that vaguely try to be portraits of the movie actors.

1 of 2, is quite knowledgeable about the SW world. In a group of boys she keeps up with all the trivia tests. "How do you know who Yoda is. Star Wars is for boys." "No it's not." "Yes, it is." "It has princesses and Queens in it. I love it." Of course (hopefully) none of these tykes has actually seen the movies yet. 1 is agreeable to being able to wait until she's 6 to start watching them. She even barters for 7 or 8, or as old as her cousin who is 13.

We let her watch Episode 1, but soon after the podrace, and despite the giant screen, loud speakers and sleeping bags, the sleepover evening with her older cousins turned into a pillow fight and wrestling.

Nerd up those girls. We won't mind too much of course, but we're aiming for the studious, drama club, art club, readers. I can sense the football cheerleader aching to come out in 1 of 2, and the arena football dancer in 2 of 2, but maybe that will evolve into ballet or broadway. Only Yoda knows.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Dream from March. Star Wars Episode III - Not.

It was the new Star Wars movie. On TV.

Princess Leia and Han Solo were aboard yet another Death Star. Darth Vadar was still threatening the galaxy, but they had him on the run. A new group of smugglers had been assembled and Harvey Kietel was the main big shot. Of course an old acquaintance of Han, and "just here to do a job". He seemed very out of place, 1st because he was so recognizable and 2 because he was wearing light blue plaid shorts.

The rebels forced DV out of an airlock, but just outside, DV 'flies' up to another airlock and reenters the Death Star.

Luke is on a planet that is DV's next target. The DS shoots tiny green lasers at the planet. (I'm really big and they don't hurt me. I'm floating in space watching this.) Instead of blowing the planet up, the lasers just really mess it up. On the ground we see tidal waves followed by bolder waves. Huge pieces of rock streaming across the landscape. They miss my childhood house.

Luke survives.

Leia gives a speech about how this isn't the real problem, the real problems are back home in Afghanistan and car pools.

I couldn't believe how badly written the movie was. Everyone hated it. I asked my wife if it was just a dream and the real one hadn't been on yet. Then I realized that I had seen the trailer for the new movie and it was supposed to be completely different than this. Very relieved.


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